Our Top 10 Educational Youtube Channels | Best Videos for Learning

(1) Khan Academy

What does it cover? Khan Academy provides instructional videos for a host of different subjects, including Maths, Science, computer programming, History and History of Art. The Youtube channel exists alongside a website which offers practice exercises and a personalised learning dashboard. This is a fantastic source of Maths tuition for all ages, designed to guide learners ‘from kindergarten to calculus’ and the quality of its tuition is exceptional.

Age range: 4 – 100

(2) Numberphile

What does it cover? Numberphile offers a range of videos covering Maths problems. Engaging and entertaining, it is the perfect Youtube channel for Maths A Level pupils and teenagers hoping to pursue further mathematical study. The videos often focus on quirky features of the mathematical sphere and pursue interesting new avenues of discovery.

Age range: 16+, GCSE Maths, A-level Maths, Further Maths IB

(3) Mr Bruff

What does it cover? Mr Bruff is a Youtube channel created by a qualified English teacher. Its videos discuss exam set texts, cover exam technique and offer useful tips on essay writing. Lively and fun, the videos are sure to grab the attention of its teenage viewers. Mr Bruff has also created a range of revision guides which complement the English tuition of his Youtube channel.

Age range: Recommended forGCSE English and A Level English Students

(4) Sick Science

What does it cover? Sick Science is a hit with young viewers. Its videos demonstrate a range of exciting experiments which children can do at home or at school (with adult supervision). Viewers are instructed on topics such as how to make slime and how to make hand warmers, along with how to create centripetal force boards and homemade lungs. Sick Science is a great way to introduce children to key scientific ideas and is sure to spark a love of experimentation.

Age range: 7 – 12

(5) Physics Girl

What does it cover? Physics Girl covers physics, astronomy and other science-related topics, and is designed to inspire a new generation of female scientists. The videos are wide ranging, and include practical demonstrations, expert interviews and cutting edge research. The channel was created by Diana Cowern, a popular Science communicator, and complements the scientific topics children encounter at school. 

Age range: 10 – 17.  Also perfect for GCSE and A-level Physics Students

(6) National Geographic

What does it cover? Scientists, journalists, filmmakers and photographers come together in these videos to showcase the wonders of planet Earth. Videos run to a weekly schedule, and cover topics including exploration, nature, the environment, history and culture, and science. This channel can be enjoyed by all ages, and is sure to get children thinking about the world around them.

Age range: Any age. Recommended for GCSE Geography and A-level Geography Students

(7) English Literature Hub

What does it cover? This is a channel dedicated to providing lectures on English Literature. Whether the videos are discussing poetry, criticism or linguistics, they are always straightforward and lucid, designed to guide students through tricky topics.

Age range: Any age from Primary and Prep School Students, 11+ English through to GCSE English and A-level English.

(8) Innovative Language Learning

What does it cover? Innovative Language Learning makes language learning fun. Whether your child is taking A Level Spanish or is looking for some extra GCSE French tuition, this could be the channel for them. There are videos on a huge number topics, from Thai writing to the Arabic alphabet, and all of them are accurate and engaging.

Age range: Any age from beginners through to GCSE French, A-level Spanish and advanced languages.

(9) Code Academy

What does it cover? More and more children are learning to code, and Code Academy is a great place for your child to get started. The videos are clear and easy to follow, and the channel caters to all abilities. There are videos which cover basic coding concepts as well as videos which explain complex programming languages.

Age range: 11+

(10) TED-Ed

What does it cover? TedEd is a channel which compiles a huge array of different videos and lessons. Whether your child wants to know what happened to the Library of Alexandria, learn about the science of hearing or be told about a day in the life of an ancient Athenian, they can find it all on TedEd. The videos are short and sweet — roughly around 5 minutes each — and are always well put together. 

Age range: 10+ and 11+