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A Level Maths is highly demanding. Far tougher than GCSE, it stretches teenagers’ logic and reasoning skills to the maximum. A Level Maths students often find the subject intellectually stimulating, relishing the difficulty of the course.

Our A Level Maths Tutors

A Level Maths is highly demanding. Far tougher than GCSE, it stretches teenagers’ logic and reasoning skills to the maximum. A Level Maths students often find the subject intellectually stimulating, relishing the difficulty of the course. At the same time, however, many feel like they would benefit from extra support. Our Maths tutors are here to optimise your child’s academic potential, providing students with the help and guidance they need to excel in A Level Maths. All of our Maths tutors are fantastic communicators, and their lucid teaching style makes the trickiest of concepts seem straightforward.

Academic excellence is guaranteed in our A Level Maths tutors. All are highly qualified subject-specialists with years of experience. Our team consists of teachers who have taught at top private schools, full-time professional tutors and first-class Oxbridge graduates, to name but a few. The high intelligence of our A Level tutors is underpinned by a passion for education and a desire to see others succeed. At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we are attentive to the different needs and ambitions of our students. Our Maths tutors will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and craft their lessons accordingly.

Anyone applying to become a tutor with us has to supply proof of their qualifications, details of their experience and at least two references. If we are impressed by what we see, we interview the candidate in person. Once they have been taken on, our tutors are offered a range of training and development opportunities to ensure they maintain their high standards. All of our tutors are required to own a DBS certificate.

How our Tutors Teach Maths

Our tutors know the importance of theoretical grounding. At A Level, students cannot blindly learn mathematical methods. They have to be flexible and inventive, drawing on their knowledge to successfully answer the exam paper. Our Maths tutors develop their pupils’ core skills, encouraging them to ask questions, and strive to deepen their mathematical understanding. Our students enter exams halls knowing that they can tackle the trickiest of problems with confidence.

That is not to say that exam technique is unimportant. Our Maths tutors know common questions that teenagers typically struggle with, and prepare their students for the challenge. They also know A Level mark schemes inside out, and help pupils maximise the number of marks they are awarded. This all sounds very dry. In reality, however, our Maths tutors always make their lessons interesting and fun. At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we know that pupils work best when they are curious and engaged, and our tutors seek to inspire as well to inform.

If you live outside of the UK — or simply outside of London — you make be thinking ‘there are no tutors near me’. We can help. Whether you are looking for a Maths tutor in London, Leeds, Oxford New York or Sydney, you can still access our fantastic tuition. Our team teaches via Skype as well as in person, and our online maths currently help hundreds of families across the globe.

Our Results

  • 100% of our A-level Maths tutors have at least a graduate degree in either Mathematics.
  • 100% of our A-level Maths and Physics students gained the grades needed to go onto their chosen university courses.
  • 98% of our maths students increased their grades by two points after their mock exams.


A big thank you for your maths tutor Aran.  He was organized, punctual, patient, and just great help at an important moment for my daughter.  I would wholly recommend Aran as an excellent, knowledgable and brilliant maths tutor.


Exam Boards we Cover

Our A Level Maths tutors cover all exam boards, including OCR, AQA and Edexcel. They also have experience preparing students for Further Maths exams.

Key aspects of the different A Level Maths syllabi are set out below.

  • OCR: Students must take four units of Core Mathematics over the two years. Core Mathematics covers topics including differentiation, integration, vectors and coordinate geometry. Students then choose two more units from a list including Mechanics, Probability and Statistics,  Decision Mathematics and Further Pure Mathematics. Each of the six questions papers your child will sit is 1 hour 30 minutes and all question papers are equally weighted. Only one paper (Core Mathematics 1) is non-calculator. There is no coursework option.
  • AQA: This course is made up of six units. As with OCR, there are four Pure Core units, which cover Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Mathematical applications make up the remaining third of the qualification. Students choose to take units in either Mechanics, Statistics or Decision Mathematics. Students typically sit six exams, which are each 1 hour 30 minutes. If your child studies Statistics, however, there is a coursework option, meaning one exam is only 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Edexcel: This course consists of five papers over two years. In Year 12, students sit one paper in Pure Mathematics (2 hours) and one paper in Statistics and Mechanics (1 hour 15 minutes). In Year 13, pupils sit two papers in Pure Mathematics (2 hours each) and one paper in Statistics and Mechanics (2 hours). A calculator can be used for every exam and there is no coursework option.

Our A Level Maths tutors are well-acquainted with all the exam boards and the possible unit combinations, which can seem confusing. They are very happy to answer any questions you or your child may have.

Is tuition right for your child?

A Level Maths is a well-respected qualification, valued highly by universities and employers. If your child is struggling with the Maths course, or finds elements of the syllabus difficult, private tuition could be transformative. Our A Level Maths tutors have guided hundreds of students through this critical stage of their school career, and can equip your child with the tools and confidence they need to shine in their exams.

If your child is an enthusiastic mathematician, and keen to pursue further study, our tutors can also be of help. Always keen to nurture talent, our A Level tutors expand students’ mathematical knowledge, preparing them for what they will meet at university.

A Levels determine what students do next. How your child performs will dictate the university they go to and may influence their career choices. At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we set our students on course for success and wish them the brightest of futures.

Our Tutors

All of our experienced subject specialists tutors are passionately dedicated to supporting children’s learning. Highly qualified and with a track record of success at every level our tutors adopt their teaching to the individual learning style of each child. Our tutors restore confidence, boost intellectual curiosity and academic growth through exciting and stimulating tuition.

Whether your child requires support from an English Tutor and Maths Tutor, at 7+, 11+, GCSE or
any other curriculum subject our tutors help children boost academic performance and
confidence by following a personalised Learning Growth Action Plan.

Katherine Maclennan

Katherine M.


Patient, approachable and reliable mathematics teacher. PGCE (IOE) 1st Class Honours Mathematics (Universiy of Durham).



Saul J.


Chemistry professor with amazing teaching experience with universities and tutoring.



Emily G.


Emily is a Math wizard and one of the best in the field.


Zavier tutor

Zavier M.


Zavier is one of the most sought-after History tutors.



Simeon C.


Simeon has a PhD in Biology. A very structured and organised tutor.



Andrea T.


Andrea is a one of a kind Physics teacher. Very passionate about her profession.



Millie A.


An English graduate, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor.



Lucille M.


She is an amazing Design tutor that focuses on progress.