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The 11+ Exam

The 11+ exam is often viewed with apprehension. What type of schools require children to sit the assessment? Do students need private tuition, or can they cope by themselves? Does every school test children in the same way? At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we want to make senior school applications as simple and stress-free as possible. Our team of expert tutors has guided hundreds of families through the 11+ process, equipping children with the skills and confidence they need to excel when the time comes.

Many independent senior schools and all state grammar schools require children to sit an 11+ exam.

There is no standard, nation-wide assessment. Schools — or consortiums of schools — test pupils in different ways. However, an 11+ exam typically involves numerical reasoning, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, comprehension and creative writing.

11+ exams for state grammar schools are sat early on in the autumn term of Year 6. Children often have the chance to sit a practice exam at school a few days before the real thing. Entrance exams for independent schools usually take place in the January of Year 6.

Some independent schools — such as Harrow, Eton College and Westminster School — ask children to sit an 11+ assessment called the ISEB Common Pre-Test. This is a standardised, age-adaptive test designed to measure a student’s ability and attainment, and is sat prior to Common Entrance in Year 8. The results determine whether a student is invited to sit the school-specific entrance exam at age 13. The tests can be taken either at home or at school and are usually sat in Year 6 or Year 7. There is no specific assessment date.

Our 11+ Tutors

All of our 11 plus tutors are highly qualified and have years of experience. They range from full-time professional tutors to teachers who have worked at leading independent schools. Each one is knowledgable, patient and extremely familiar with the different application procedures. As school entry becomes increasingly competitive, our tutors can help your child gain an academic edge.

At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we will assign you a specialist tutor who has prepared students for the same schools that you are interested in, and who has a successful track record. The tutor we recommend will know exactly how your child will be assessed and how best to prepare them for the challenge.

We have a demanding recruitment procedure and only accept the very best candidates. Applicants must show proof of their qualifications and experience, provide three references, attend a face-to-face interview and attain a DBS certificate. We also offer continual training and development opportunities are for our tutors, ensuring they remain up-to-date with any changes to the 11+ curriculum.

How our Tutors Teach 11+

Our 11+ tutors help students develop the skills they need to succeed. When it comes to the 11+, exam technique is essential. Certain skills, such as verbal and non-verbal reasoning, are routinely tested. Our tutors help children with 11 plus practice papers, therefore, familiarising them with the format and preparing them for what to expect. Drawing on a well of experience, our tutors provide targeted, tailor-made tuition.

At Hampstead and Frognal tutors, however, we seek to do more than enhance exam performance. As well as training children for the 11 plus exam , therefore, our tutors hope to fill them with confidence and self-belief, and enthuse them with a love of learning. We believe children perform best when they are happy and motivated, and our tutors can make the driest of subjects fun and engaging.

11+ Exam Results

This was our first child to prepare for the 11+ and we were so glad we found Hampstead & Frognal Tutors.  The advice on preparing for the London day schools for all of the subjects including both English and Maths was extremely useful.  The 11+ tutors were very knowledgeable in terms of resources, and guidance on planning for the revision practice, and 11+ test practice.  We were very satisfied with the company and it’s tutors. Our son received offers from several schools and we were fortunate to be able to accept our first choice school which was also the nearest to us.

Nadia, LONDON W6

11+ Schools: Examples of some we cover

Researching the admissions procedures of different schools can be arduous. To help you with the task, we have set out a list of some of the schools we cover, along with ways they assess their applicants.

City of London School (Boys)

Admissions This school offers 11+ and 13+ entry. 11+ is the largest intake, with 60 boys being accepted.
Tests Boys sit examinations in English, Mathematics and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
Interview Candidates who perform well in these examinations will be in invited back for a 20 minute interview. Interviews usually take place in mid-February. This affords the school a chance to know your son beyond his examination results.
Key Dates The entrance exam takes place in the January of their Year 6.  A place is offered on the evidence of both the exams and the interview.
Scholarships Academic scholarships are offered on the basis on boys’ performance in the entrance exams.

City of London School for Girls

Admissions This school accepts 75-80 girls in Year 7.
Tests There are no verbal or non-verbal reasoning papers.  Instead, there is one Maths paper (1 hour and 15 minutes long) and one English paper (1 hour and 20 minutes long). In the English paper there are three sections — one reading and two writing.
Interview If your child performs well in the tests, they will have an interview at the end of January or the beginning of February.
Key Dates The entrance exam is sat in Year 6 at the beginning of January. A place is offered on the evidence of both the exams and the interview.
Scholarships The school does not offer academic scholarships.

St Paul’s Boys’ School

Admissions This school offers 11+ and 13+ entry. Around 30 boys are admitted at 11+ entry point.  Boys from state primary schools may sit the 11+ deferred exam in Year 5.  Boys from independent schools which finish at age 11 sit the 11+ exam in Year 6. This exam is also open to boys at state primary schools.
Tests Year 6 11+ applicants must sit the ISEB online pre-test. If they are successful, they will invited back to sit written examinations in English and Mathematics.
Interview Boys who perform well in the written tests are invited back for a short interview. These interviews take place the week following the tests. 
Key Dates These tests are sat in the January of the year of entry.  Year 5 11+ deferred candidates will sit an examination in English, Mathematics and Reasoning.  These tests are sat in the January the year before entry.
Scholarships Academic scholarships are awarded to ‘a few exceptional candidates’ at 11+.

St Paul’s Girls’ School 

Admissions 11+ is the main point of entry into the senior school. 
Tests In November of Year 6, all candidates must complete an on-screen cognitive ability test of verbal reasoning, mathematics and non-verbal reasoning. 
Interview If successful, girls will be invited to sit written tests in English, Mathematics and Comprehension.  These tests are sat at the beginning of January. 
Key Dates If your child performs well in the entrance exam, she will be invited to a 15 minute interview at the end of January.
Scholarships No academic scholarships are offered at 11+ entry.

Highgate School

Admissions Approximately 90 pupils (boys and girls) join the school in Year 7. 
Tests Candidates sit papers in English and Mathematics, plus a non-verbal or verbal reasoning test.
Interview A significant proportion of candidates are interviewed in January.
Key Dates The 11+ test is sat in the December of Year 6. 
Scholarships No academic scholarships are awarded at 11+. The first academic scholarships are awarded at the beginning of Year 8, when teachers have had a chance to see the quality of a student’s school work.

Westminster School

Admissions Applicants to Westminster School may only apply for entry at either 11+ or 13+ but not both.
Tests In the November or December of Year 6, boys sit the online ISEB Common Pre-tests. In January, some boys are invited to sit written tests in English and Maths. 
Interview All boys who took the written tests attend an interview with a senior member of staff.
Key Dates Year 6 boys sit the ISEB Test in November or December of Year 6.  In January, some boys are invited to sit written tests in English and Maths. 
Scholarships No academic scholarships are offered at 11+.

Is 11+ tuition right for your child?

Children only get one chance at the 11 plus, and how they perform determines where they will go next. Parents can make a valuable contribution to their child’s learning. Many parents with the time and knowledge manage successfully without professional help. However, if you work full time, the commencement of extra-schooling can be a challenge. Similarly, if English is not your first language, or you struggle with Maths, preparing your child for the 11 plus exams can seem daunting.

Our tutors are experienced, highly trained and share a passion for education. They are committed to helping children achieve their full academic potential. At Hampstead and Frognal tutors, we have a proven track record and families world-wide rely upon our outstanding professional tutors. With care and enthusiasm, are tutors prepare children for the school that is right for them.

What We Do

When you require a tutor or other service for your child we provide a free telephone consultation to understand the tuition requirement in detail. Once you have instructed us we reach out to our dedicated team of tutors and to assign the best tutor or consultant to match your child’s learning goals. During the first lesson your dedicated tutor makes an initial assessment of your child’s academic attainment to devise an individual Learning Growth Action Plan with clear Academic Learning Goals.

booking lessons and reporting

Booking Lessons and Reporting

Using our Platform our tutors book your child’s lessons schedule onto a shared calendar that can be viewed by both Parent and tutor. Tutors provide continuous feedback and at the end of each lesson tutors deliver feedback in reference to the child’s learning progress towards the Academic Learning Goals. Our tutors also complete written reports using our shared platform where other documents such as revision notes, key learning points from lessons and exam papers are organised. A Platform for organizing your child’s unique library of resources and calendar combined with the best tutor to help your child fulfill their academic potential.

Learning support services

Learning Support Services

Hampstead & Frognal Tutors provide a comprehensive range of complementary learning support services. In addition to subject tutors for tuition during term time or holidays we also provide: Interview coaching for children preparing for school and university interviews, Independent Academic Assessments, Homeschooling Programmes, in-school tuition support, Revision Booster Courses for 11+, 13+, Pre-tests, GCSE and A-levels. Our Tutors and International Tutors also provide online Skype Tuition to children not within reach of our London Tutors and routinely accompany families travelling outside the UK.

Education Consultancy and Tuition Services

Education Consultancy and Tuition Services

Our expert education consultants provide schools and parents with a free in-depth telephone consultation to assess and identify the best matched tutors. Whether you are seeking a teacher or tutor who can be supportive, challenge, inspire or motivate, we have a plethora of highly qualified tutors and PGCE teachers, and examiners ready to help.

All of our tutors are interviewed in person, highly vetted and Enhance DBS Checked. We have a broad range of subject tutors including English, Maths, Sciences, languages and humanities. All levels are offered from KS1, KS2, 7+, 11+, 13+ through to GCSE, IGCSE, A-level and IB.

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