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Hampstead & Frognal Tutors is a corporate member of The Tutor’s Association (TTA), and is committed to the professional standards and it’s code of professional practice.

The company is reviewed by the Good Schools Guide and features in it’s A-list of Tutoring Agencies. It is quoted as saying that Hampstead & Frognal Tutors are “excellent at matching families to tutors…” also, that "they give an outstanding service!"

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Our GCSE Tutors

GCSEs are an important landmark in a student’s academic career. They are likely to be the first set of major examinations your child will sit, and require knowledge of a broad sweep of subjects. At this point in their school lives, many teenagers start to feel the pressure. How they perform in their GCSEs determines the A Levels they will take, and impacts which universities they will apply to.

At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we want to make GCSEs as stress-free and fulfilling as possible.  Our team of outstanding GCSE tutors are committed to helping pupils excel across the subject spectrum. Whether your child is baffled by trigonometry or is struggling with English coursework, our tutors are here to help. All are subject-area specialists with a passion for education. What’s more, they know that every student is different. Brilliant at communicating their knowledge, our GCSE tutors will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and devise a tailor-made programme of tuition.

Ranging from experienced teachers to first-class Oxbridge graduates, all of our GCSE tutors were subject to a rigorous recruitment process. Every candidate applying to become a tutor with us must provide proof of their qualifications, attend a face-to-face interview, supply at least two references and own a DBS certificate. Only the very best succeed. We also ensure that our GCSE tutors stay top of their game by offering them continual training and development opportunities.

How our Tutors Teach GCSEs

GCSE courses are wide-ranging and varied. Some subjects, like English literature, involve coursework. Science often tests a student’s practical skills, while maths centres around written exams. Our tutors know the different curricula inside out and equip students with the skills they need to flourish. They know which topics and techniques pupils find difficult, and carefully target problem areas. Our students enter exam halls filled with confidence and self-belief, knowing that they are fully prepared.

Exam technique is crucial at GCSE level. Our tutors teach students how to approach questions, how to manage their time, how to revise effectively and how to meet assessment criteria — in short, how to maximise their exam performance. However, at Hampstead & Frognal Tutors, we also strive to inspire our students, encouraging them to be curious and engaged. All of our GCSE tutors love their subjects, and their enthusiasm is quickly shared by their pupils.

Different types of tuition work well for different teenagers. For some students, our GCSE tutors provide extended support throughout Years 10 and 11, crafting their sessions to compliment the school curriculum. Other pupils prefer to embark on short, intensive programmes of tuition. In either case, face-to-face tutoring is not the only option; we also teach via Skype. Many families who live outside of London, or overseas, find this a convenient alternative to more traditional teaching methods.

We also offer GCSE revision courses. Numbers are strictly limited to six per class on these courses, so our fantastic teachers can give all attendees the attention they deserve.

GCSE Tuition Results

Our GCSE Tutors have a reputation for their driven and passion to help their students improve in performance and master exam technique.

  • 100% of GCSE parents agreed that our tutors helped improve GCSE academic performance and ultimately their exam grades.
  • 94% GCSE students who had over two terms of tuition over-shot their predicted grades by considerable margin
  • 97% of Parents gave our GCSE Tutors 5 star reviews


Using Hampstead & Frognal Tutors for our daughter’s GCSE was a blessing.  The maths tutor Edward helped my daughter overcome confidence in maths and he was star. Following Edward we used the company for a couple of other subjects including Physics, Biology and English tuition. The difference was remarkable in grades, and we were over the moon with the overall GCSE exam results.


Subjects and Exam Boards we Cover

Our tutors have experience preparing students for all the GCSE exam boards, including OCR, AQA and Edexcel.

As you are probably aware, GCSEs have undergone radical changes in the past few years. There is new, more demanding content in the exams and courses are no longer divided into different modules. Students are assessed at the end of the two years, as opposed to being tested regularly throughout the course. These changes are often a source of concern for parents and teenagers. We seek to put your mind at rest. At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we closely monitor changes to school curricula and know exactly how children are examined. If you have any questions regarding the new system, please feel free to contact us. (maybe a link here to the company’s contact details?)

A new GCSE grading system has also been introduced. A*-U, has been replaced by 9-1, where 9 is the highest mark you can achieve. Our tutors are very familiar with the new system and are happy to answer any queries you may have.

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Is tuition right for your child?

GCSE’s can be nerve-wracking. However, a little additional support and professional guidance can be transformative. The knowledge, patience and passion of our GCSE tutors has helped hundreds of teenagers excel in this important stage of their school career,

Whether your child is aiming for all 8s and 9s, or is finding Year 11 a struggle, we can help. Our world-class tutors maximise every student’s academic potential and set their pupils on the road to success.

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What We Do

When you require a tutor or other service for your child we provide a free telephone consultation to understand the tuition requirement in detail. Once you have instructed us, we reach out to our dedicated team of tutors and to assign the best tutor or consultant to match your child’s learning goals.

During the first lesson your dedicated tutor makes an initial assessment of your child’s academic attainment to devise an individual Learning Growth Action Plan with clear Academic Learning Goals.

booking lessons and reporting

Booking Lessons and Reporting

Using our Platform our tutors book your child’s lessons schedule onto a shared calendar that can be viewed by both Parent and tutor. Tutors provide continuous feedback and at the end of each lesson tutors deliver feedback in reference to the child’s learning progress towards the Academic Learning Goals. Our tutors also complete written reports using our shared platform where other documents such as revision notes, key learning points from lessons and exam papers are organised.

A Platform for organizing your child’s unique library of resources and calendar combined with the best tutor to help your child fulfill their academic potential.

Learning support services

Learning Support Services

Hampstead & Frognal Tutors provide a comprehensive range of complementary learning support services. In addition to subject tutors for tuition during term time or holidays we also provide: Interview coaching for children preparing for school and university interviews, Independent Academic Assessments, Homeschooling Programmes, in-school tuition support, Revision Booster Courses for 11+, 13+, Pre-tests, GCSE and A-levels.

Our Tutors and International Tutors also provide online Skype Tuition to children not within reach of our London Tutors and routinely accompany families travelling outside the UK.

Education Consultancy and Tuition Services

Education Consultancy and Tuition Services

Our expert education consultants provide schools and parents with a free in-depth telephone consultation to assess and identify the best matched tutors. Whether you are seeking a teacher or tutor who can be supportive, challenge, inspire or motivate, we have a plethora of highly qualified tutors and PGCE teachers, and examiners ready to help.

All of our tutors are interviewed in person, highly vetted and Enhance DBS Checked. We have a broad range of subject tutors including English, Maths, Sciences, languages and humanities. All levels are offered from KS1, KS2, 7+, 11+, 13+ through to GCSE, IGCSE, A-level and IB.

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