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Our GCSE Chemistry Tutors will tell you that GCSE Science is divided into Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Of these three sciences, many students are drawn to GCSE Chemistry. This is because Chemistry gives them a chance to develop their practical laboratory skills whilst at the same time applying their academic knowledge. Few teenagers can resist Bunsen burners, microscopes and bubbling test tubes! 

Chemistry is a challenging GCSE subject. It tests a range of skills, including numeracy, scientific understanding and practical know-how. Our GCSE Chemistry tutors share a passion for Chemistry and have a wealth of experience preparing students for GCSE and IGCSE exams. All have excellent science degrees, and many are current or former teachers at independent schools. Others are first class Oxbridge graduates or full time professional tutors. 

We interview all of our GCSE Chemistry tutors in person before inviting them to work with us. We also take up at least two references from parents of children the tutors have taught. DBS Enhanced Checks are mandatory for all new tutors. Our rigorous recruitment process means that we only recommend the very best.

How our Tutors Teach Chemistry 

At Hampstead and Frognal Tutors, we pride ourselves on the dynamic, engaging way we teach. Whether our tutors are delivering an intensive revision course or teaching a subject from scratch, lessons are guaranteed to be lively and interesting – as well as academically rigorous. 

Different students require different types of support, and our tutors are sensitive to the needs of individual pupils, tailoring their lessons accordingly. By homing in on problem areas and identifying particular strengths, we prepare students for the challenges they will face in the exam hall, filling in gaps which may have been missed in school. 

Exam preparation is central to what our GCSE Chemistry Tutors offer. Having taught GCSE Chemistry for many years, our tutors are highly familiar with the chemistry and science syllabi and the way children are assessed. We ensure our students know topics back-to-front and offer advice on past papers, mark schemes and revision techniques. 

Online GCSE Chemistry Tutors option

Online tutoring is becoming a very popular solution to finding the best tutor. Our online GCSE Chemistry tutors deliver lessons using our integrated whiteboard for screen share with voice conferencing. For the same one-to-one tutor when they teach online you save on travelling, and time. Plus the saving on fees are around 30% for online tutoring as compared with one-to-one tutors.

We currently have hundreds of students across the UK and abroad preparing for the transition to UK boarding schools and UK Universities. 

Exam boards we cover

Key aspects of the GCSE Chemistry syllabi are set out below.

Our Chemistry tutors have an up-to-date knowledge of all the GCSE exam boards, including AQA, OCR and Edexcel. They also have experience preparing students for single, double and triple Science at both foundation and higher levels.


With this exam board, schools opt for the students to study either the Gateway Science Suite or the Twenty First Century Science Suite. The former covers: particles; elements, compounds and mixtures; chemical reactions; predicting and identifying reactions and products; monitoring and controlling chemical reactions; and global challenges.

The pupils sit two equally-weighted 1 hour 45 minute exams, each having 90 marks.

Meanwhile, the Twenty First Century Science Suite covers: air and water; chemical patterns; chemicals of the naturals environment; material choices; chemical analysis; making useful chemicals; ideas about science; practical skills. 

Pupils also sit two equally-weighted 1 hour 45 minute exams, with 90 marks to gain in both. 


Students on this course learn about: atomic structures and the periodic table; bonding, structure, and the properties of matter; quantitative chemistry; chemical changes; energy changes; the rate and extent of chemical change; organic chemistry; chemical analysis; chemistry of the atmosphere; and using resources. The pupils are required to sit two, equally-weighted 1 hour 45 minute exams, with a possible 100 marks to be awarded for each. The first examination will be testing the content of the first five topics listed, and the second paper will be testing the other half of the topics. There are a different range of question types, including multiple choice, structured, closed short answer and open response.


This course covers: key concepts in chemistry; states of matter and mixtures; chemical changes; extracting metals and equilibria; groups in the periodic table; rates of reaction and energy changes; and fuels and Earth science. Students sit two equally-weighted 1 hour 45 minutes exams, with 100 marks for each. There’ll be a mixture of different question styles, including multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, calculations and extended open-response questions. 


Our tutors can prepare students for Chemistry IGCSE as well the standard qualification. IGCSEs were introduced 30 years ago by Cambridge Assessment International Education and were created for international students. Several independent schools, as well as some state schools, now offer IGCSEs as an option.

The IGCSe course covers: principles of chemistry; inorganic chemistry; physical chemistry; and organic chemistry. 

Pupils sit one 2 hour paper, which is around 60% of the overall GCSE with 110 marks in total. They also sit a 1 hour 15 minute paper, which is around 40% of the overall GSCE with 70 marks in total. 

We also highly recommend for the students to try out past papers, with mark schemes included, on each of these exam board websites. Every topic is listed and explained thoroughly, so that pupils can learn everything they need to know in detail, and be more confident before their examinations.

Is tuition right for your child? 

GCSEs can be stressful for teenagers and parents alike. If you think your child would benefit from some extra support, a one-to-one tutor is a powerful way of learning which helps to maximise academic potential. A tutor can also give teenagers a much needed confidence boost before entering the exam hall. 

Our team of specialist tutors are determined to see their pupils succeed – and to showcase the the joys of science. Whether your child is a budding chemist or finds science more of a struggle, our tutors are here to help them flourish. 

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Our Tutors

All of our experienced subject specialists tutors are passionately dedicated to supporting children’s learning. Highly qualified and with a track record of success at every level our tutors adopt their teaching to the individual learning style of each child. Our tutors restore confidence, boost intellectual curiosity and academic growth through exciting and stimulating tuition.

Whether your child requires support from an English Tutor and Maths Tutor, at 7+, 11+, GCSE or
any other curriculum subject our tutors help children boost academic performance and
confidence by following a personalised Learning Growth Action Plan.

Katherine Maclennan

Katherine M.


Patient, approachable and reliable mathematics teacher. PGCE (IOE) 1st Class Honours Mathematics (Universiy of Durham).



Saul J.


Chemistry professor with amazing teaching experience with universities and tutoring.



Emily G.


Emily is a Math wizard and one of the best in the field.


Zavier tutor

Zavier M.


Zavier is one of the most sought-after History tutors.



Simeon C.


Simeon has a PhD in Biology. A very structured and organised tutor.



Andrea T.


Andrea is a one of a kind Physics teacher. Very passionate about her profession.



Millie A.


An English graduate, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor.



Lucille M.


She is an amazing Design tutor that focuses on progress.