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Our GCSE Geography tutors are talented subject specialists who are passionate about bringing the study of both physical and human geography to life.

Our GCSE Geography Tutors

Our GCSE Geography tutors are talented subject specialists who are passionate about bringing the study of both physical and human geography to life. They are adept at inspiring their students to engage with a range of complex topics, from climate change and renewable energy use to deprivation in the global south. Our GCSE tutors craft each session to ensure students can make connections between case studies in the United Kingdom and the wider world. Their passion for their subject enables students to develop thoughtful, well-informed opinions about the world they live in and their role in shaping society.

Geography is above all a topical and relevant subject, key to understanding current geopolitical issues and shifts in global power. Hampstead & Frognal tutors are highly-qualified professionals who will extend and develop their students’ understanding of how rapid economic change affects communities and the physical environment. Many of our GCSE tutors are experienced classroom teachers, and all have a detailed knowledge of the assessment criteria for each syllabus. Nonetheless, our tutors seek to extend their students’ knowledge beyond the curriculum through interactive dialogue, ensuring every student fulfils their potential.

Our recruitment process is rigorous. We assess all of our GCSE tutors through an application form, face-to-face interview and DBS certification. We look for tutors who can deliver consistently outstanding lessons and seek candidates who are committed to improving their practice. Our GCSE tutors benefit from ongoing training and professional development opportunities provided by Hampstead & Frognal tutors. This enables tutors to maintain the highest academic standards, ensuring every student has the skills they need to succeed.

Our GCSE tutors work with each student to develop their understanding of all aspects of the Geography curriculum. They seek to inspire their students with a life-long interest in geopolitical issues through a range of engaging activities, individually tailored to each student’s needs.

How our Tutors Teach Geography

Our GCSE tutors help their students to make connections between individual case studies and the wider global context. Private GCSE tutors are uniquely able to not only thoroughly prepare their students for exams but also to extend students’ knowledge to the highest levels. Our GCSE tutors also recognise that every student learns differently and plan well-crafted, personalised lessons accordingly. They work with students to foster a sense of passionate engagement with the world around them.

At GCSE, students must understand the demands of the assessment criteria to ensure they can attain the highest possible grades. Private GCSE tutors in London work closely with students to develop their confidence in tackling all areas of the exam, from time management to how to structure extended written answers. Our GCSE tutors aim to equip their students with all the necessary skills in order to excel. They model case study analysis, help students to evaluate data from fieldwork and explore a range of attitudes and viewpoints in lessons so that students can develop their own interpretations. GCSE tutors work assiduously with each student to enhance their evaluative skills.

Hampstead & Frognal tutors also offer GCSE revision courses as well as private tuition. These courses are limited to 6 students per session, so that students are given individualised support whilst benefitting from group discussion. Our private GCSE tutors also offer online tuition via Skype for students based outside London or the UK, and we currently have many international students from across the globe.

Our Results

  • 100% of our clients agreed that our GCSE Geography Tutors were very well qualified, professional and would use the services of the tutors again in the future.
  • 100% of Tutors who were instructed to support coursework received feedback of 5 stars.
  • 93% of our Geography GCSE students achieved two grades higher than predicted following the mock exams.


Feedback on your Geography Tutor Ellie.  Ellie was clearly very passionate for her subject, especially given her interest in Volcanoes and a Phd in Geology. Ellie’s enthusiasm resonated with our son Sam, and his attitude to study in his GCSEs was much improved.


Exam Boards we cover

Private GCSE tutors track alterations in every syllabus, keeping abreast of curriculum and assessment changes. The exam boards we cover are AQA, Edexcel and OCR; the different aspects of the syllabi are summarised below:

  • AQA: Paper 1 is worth 35% of the GCSE and covers topics such as The challenge of natural hazards; The living world; Physical landscapes in the U.K; and Geographical skills. Paper 2 is also worth 35% of the GCSE and covers Urban issues and challenges; The changing economic world; The challenge of resource management; and Geographical skills. Paper 3, Geographical Applications, is worth 30% and is focused more on students’ findings from fieldwork. All 3 papers involve a range of question types, from multiple choice to extended written responses.
  • Edexcel: Paper 1, The Physical Environment, is worth 37.5% of the GCSE and covers The changing landscapes of the UK; Weather hazards and climate change; and Ecosystems, biodiversity and management. Paper 2 is also worth 37.5% of the overall qualification and covers Changing cities, Global Development and Resource management. Paper 3 is worth 25% and covers geographical investigations into both fieldwork and UK challenges.
  • OCR: Paper 1, Our Natural World, is worth 35% of the qualification and covers Global hazards; Changing climate; Distinctive landscapes; Sustaining Eco-systems; Fieldwork and Geographical skills. Paper 2 is also worth 35% of the total GCSE and covers Urban Futures; Dynamic Development; UK in the 21st century; Resource Reliance; Fieldwork and Geographical skills. Paper 3 is worth 30% of the GCSE and assesses geographical skills and a decision-making exercise.

The GCSE grading system has recently changed from A* – U to a numerical system from 9 – 1. Grade 7 is equivalent to an old A grade and grades 8 and 9 are equivalent to an A*. Our GCSE tutors can give you and your child further information and clarification about changes to assessment criteria and grading.

Is tuition right for your child?

Private tuition can give your child a much-needed confidence boost. Private tutors can work closely with your child on topics they are finding difficult, addressing common misconceptions through one-to-one dialogue. GCSE tutors can also assist your child with revision techniques so that they feel thoroughly prepared to excel in their course. Using the search term ‘GCSE Geography tutors near me’ or ‘Private tutors London’ can assist you in finding the best tuition for your child. For students aiming for the top grades, private tuition can also provide them with the right level of challenge, enabling them to achieve outstanding results.  

Our Tutors

All of our experienced subject specialists tutors are passionately dedicated to supporting children’s learning. Supported by our in-house training and resources our tutors adopt their teaching to the individual learning style of each child. Our tutors restore confidence, boost intellectual curiosity and academic growth through exciting and stimulating tuition.

Whether your child requires support from an English Tutor and Maths Tutor, at 11+, GCSE or
any other curriculum subject our tutors help children boost academic performance and
confidence by following a personalised Learning Growth Action Plan.

Katherine Maclennan

Katherine M.


Patient, approachable and reliable mathematics teacher. PGCE (IOE) 1st Class Honours Mathematics (Universiy of Durham).



Saul J.


Chemistry professor with amazing teaching experience with universities and tutoring.



Emily G.


Emily is a Math wizard and one of the best in the field.


Zavier tutor

Zavier M.


Zavier is one of the most sought-after History tutors.



Simeon C.


Simeon has a PhD in Biology. A very structured and organised tutor.



Andrea T.


Andrea is a one of a kind Physics teacher. Very passionate about her profession.



Millie A.


An English graduate, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor.



Lucille M.


She is an amazing Design tutor that focuses on progress.