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The Hampstead and Frognal GCSE History tutors are passionate about evidence-based enquiry and debate; they work to foster a love of historical study in their students.

Our GCSE History Tutors

The Hampstead and Frognal GCSE History tutors are passionate about evidence-based enquiry and debate; they work to foster a love of historical study in their students. They are adept at bringing a range of historical eras to life, whether this involves the study of crime and policing in nineteenth century London or life in Mao’s China. Each session is individually tailored to the needs of the child, ensuring they develop analytical thinking skills. Our tutors use a range of activities to make the study of history engaging and thought-provoking.

Our GCSE History tutors are highly-qualified subject specialists. Many are experienced classroom teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the demands of the curriculum. All of our tutors are extremely well-qualified graduates who can extend their students’ thinking beyond the syllabus. They are highly committed to their students, enabling every child to fulfil their potential through inspiring, interactive lessons.

Our recruitment process is rigorous, involving an application form, a face-to-face interview and DBS certification. We select candidates on the basis of their excellent subject knowledge and ability to teach; only the best tutors are successful. We also provide continuous training and professional development opportunities to maintain the highest educational standards.

Our tutors offer outstanding instruction. They are dedicated and professional, ensuring every child develops the skills they need to be successful.

How our Tutors Teach History

Our History tutors work with each child to cultivate a rich understanding of key events and societies in British and world history. As well as preparing children for exams, they develop students’ critical thinking, enabling them to investigate a range of sources in context, as well as evaluating different interpretations of important eras, events and people. We understand that every child is different; our tutors plan each lesson in detail to ensure it meets their student’s individual needs.

At GCSE, students must master exam technique. Students need to be able to manage their time effectively and meet the demands of each question, whether this be describing historical features or assessing the relevance of different sources. Tutors work with students to avoid common pitfalls and develop a detailed understanding of how to meet the assessment criteria. However, our tutors also aim to foster a love of historical enquiry beyond the syllabus. They hope to inspire a life-long love of history in their students.

As well as private tuition, Hampstead & Frognal Tutors also offer GCSE revision courses. The numbers for each course are strictly limited to 6 pupils per class so that every child benefits from individualised attention and support. Our GCSE History tutors also offer online tuition via Skype for families outside London or the U.K – currently we have students from across the globe.

Our Results

All of our GCSE History Tutors have studied History at either Oxbridge or a Russell Group University.

  • 96% of our GCSE History Students achieved level 8 and level 9.
  • Over 80% of our GCSE History students continued to study History A-Level.
  • 100% of Parents whose children were tutored GCSE History agreed that they would use our services again.


Thank you for sending your tutor, William.  He is excellent in everyway. My son responded very positively to the tuition after having a bit of dip during the year.  His Revised predicted grades have increased significantly. Heather also teaches the children Maths, and we are extremely grateful for the impact that she has had on their progress.

Susanna, LONDON NW8

Exam Boards we cover

The GCSE History curriculum has changed significantly in recent years both in terms of how grades are awarded and the content covered. At Hampstead & Frognal Tutors we keep abreast of any curriculum changes, tracking each exam specification in close detail.

Our tutors are experienced in preparing students for all exam boards, including AQA, OCR and Edexcel. The key components of the different syllabi are summarised below:


There are two papers.

  • In the first paper, students will be tested on the modern world, including one period study and one wider-world depth study. Options for the period study include America, 1840–1895: Expansion and consolidation; Germany, 1890-1945: Democracy and dictatorship; Russia, 1894-1945: Tsardom and communism; and America, 1920–1973: Opportunity and inequality. The options for the wider-world depth study are, Conflict and tension: The First World War, 1894–1918; Conflict and tension: The inter-war years, 1918–1939; Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945–1972; Conflict and tension in Asia, 1950–1975; and Conflict and tension in the Gulf and Afghanistan, 1990–2009. This is a written exam, lasting 2 hours, and is worth 50% of the GSCE. There are 84 marks in total (including 4 marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar).
  • In the second paper, pupils are tested on the theme ‘Shaping the Nation’. Section A will be about thematic studies, where the students opt for one to study. These are, Health and the people: c1000 to the present day; Power and the people: c1170 to the present day; and Migration, empires and the people: c790 to the present day.In section B the study theme is ‘British depth studies’ (including the historic environment). There are four topic options, which are, Norman England, c1066–c1100; Medieval England: the reign of Edward I, 1272–1307; Elizabethan England, c1568–1603; and Restoration England, 1660–1685. This paper is equally weighted with the first.


This is the History A (Explaining the Modern World) specification:

  • Component one: Period study with non-British depth study (105 marks, duration of 1 hour 45 minutes, 50% of GCSE).
  • Component two: Thematic study (50 marks, duration of 1 hour, 25% of GCSE).
  • Component three: British depth study with a study of the historic environment (55 marks, 1 hour 15 minute duration, 25% of GCSE). The specific choices for each of these components can be found on the OCR website.


  • In Paper 1, students demonstrate their understanding of the historic environment and their thematic study. The duration is 1 hour 15 minutes, 52 marks in total, and worth 30% of the GCSE qualification. Students will opt for one of the following topic choices: Crime and punishment in Britain (c1000–present) and Whitechapel (c1870–c1900): crime, policing and the inner city; Medicine in Britain(c1250–present) and The British sector of the Western Front, 1914–18: injuries, treatment and the trenches; Warfare in British society(c1250–present) and London and the Second World War, 1939–45; and Migrants in Britain (c800–present) and Notting Hill (c1948–c1970).
  • Paper two is a 1 hour 45 minute examination worth 40% of the GCSE, and is 64 marks. Students study one British depth study option (examples include Henry VIII and his ministers, 1509-40 or Early Elizabethan England 1558-88) and one period study from the wider world, such as Spain and the ‘New World’ (c1490-1555) or Superpower relations and the Cold War (1941-91). All of the options (in detail) can be found on the Edexcel Pearson website.

Is tuition right for your child?

If your child is struggling with a particular topic, tuition can help to build their confidence in the subject. A one-to-one situation allows your child to stop and ask for clarification or pursue an interesting tangent in more detail. Tutors create a calm and relaxed atmosphere where your child feels more at ease engaging in discussion and debate. Similarly, tuition can be an invaluable resource for those aiming for the top grade, as a tutor can extend and develop your child’s understanding through individualised attention.

Our Tutors

All of our experienced subject specialists tutors are passionately dedicated to supporting children’s learning. Highly qualified and with a track record of success at every level our tutors adopt their teaching to the individual learning style of each child. Our tutors restore confidence, boost intellectual curiosity and academic growth through exciting and stimulating tuition.

Whether your child requires support from an English Tutor and Maths Tutor, at 7+, 11+, GCSE or
any other curriculum subject our tutors help children boost academic performance and
confidence by following a personalised Learning Growth Action Plan.

Katherine Maclennan

Katherine M.


Patient, approachable and reliable mathematics teacher. PGCE (IOE) 1st Class Honours Mathematics (Universiy of Durham).



Saul J.


Chemistry professor with amazing teaching experience with universities and tutoring.



Emily G.


Emily is a Math wizard and one of the best in the field.


Zavier tutor

Zavier M.


Zavier is one of the most sought-after History tutors.



Simeon C.


Simeon has a PhD in Biology. A very structured and organised tutor.



Andrea T.


Andrea is a one of a kind Physics teacher. Very passionate about her profession.



Millie A.


An English graduate, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor.



Lucille M.


She is an amazing Design tutor that focuses on progress.