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Our inspiring French tutors are focused on raising the linguistic potential of all of their students.

Our GCSE French Tutors

The ability to speak another language is a fantastic skill for teenagers to develop, and French is particularly popular among GCSE students. Covering the intricacies of grammar as well as European current affairs, GCSE French is designed to improve teenagers’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills, and to introduce them to an exciting new culture. Our GCSE French tutors showcase the joys of language learning – and their enthusiasm if infectious. 

All of our GCSE French tutors have several years of teaching experience and top modern foreign languages degrees. Our team consists of teachers who have worked at leading independent schools, full-time tutors, and first class Oxbridge graduates who have lived and worked in France. 

Our GCSE French tutors are united by a love of teaching and are determined to help every student achieve his or her academic potential. Whether your child gets tongue-tied at the thought of a French oral exam or has their sights set on a linguistics degree, our tutors are here to help them flourish. 

Hampstead & Frognal Tutors has a rigorous recruitment process. All candidates must attend face-to-face interviews, provide professional references, and attain a DBS certificate, and only the very best are invited to join the team. When we put you in touch with a tutor, therefore, we know they will not let you down. 

GCSE French Tutors – Teaching methodology 

Much of language learning is about confidence. Some students – particularly at GCSE level – feel nervous about speaking a foreign language in front of their peers, worried they will slip up and sound silly. Through tailored, one-to-one sessions, our GCSE French tutors create a relaxed learning environment in which students can ask questions and make mistakes. 

With a focus on active learning, our language tutors will encourage your child to do more than memorise vocabulary and learn grammatical rules by heart. Oral exams are source of anxiety for many students, so French conversation forms a core part of our lessons. Ultimately, however, our tutors adapt to the needs and aspirations of individual pupils, tailoring their sessions accordingly.  

Exam preparation is also central to how we teach. Whether it involves going through past papers, studying mark schemes, or devising effective revision strategies, our tutors enable students to enter exam halls feeling positive and confident, ready for whatever the assessment may throw at them. 

Online French Tutoring option 

Face-to-face teaching is not the only service we offer. For families who do not live in London – or indeed for those who do – our French GCSE tutors also teach online via Skype and we currently have hundreds of students across the UK and abroad attending International Schools.   

Exam Boards we Cover 

Our French tutors prepare students for all of the main GCSE exam boards at higher and foundation level. Listed below are details of how candidates are examined.


Students learn about home and the local area; health and sport; leisure and entertainment; travel and the wider world; and education and work. 

  • Listening. Students must listen for, identify and note main points, and take details from French of increasing length, speed and complexity. 45 minute written exam. 20% of total course. 
  • Speaking: Students must speak about at least two topics and justify their opinions. 30% of total course. 
  • Reading: Students must read, identify and note main points from French. 50 minutes. 20% of total course.
  • Writing:Students must write about at least two topics and justify their opinions. Coursework. 30% of total course. 


Students study three ‘themes’: identity and culture; local, national and global areas of interest; and current and future study and employment. 

  • Listening. 35 minute exam worth 25% of total course. 
  • Speaking. 10-12 minute exam worth 25% of total course. 
  • Reading. 45 minute exam worth 25% of total course. 
  • Writing. 1 hour 15 minute exam worth 25% of total course. 

Edexcel :

Students learn about identity and culture; their local area; holiday and travel; school; future aspirations, study and work; and international and global dimensions.

  • Listening: 50 minutes worth 25% of total course.
  • Speaking 12 minutes worth 25% of total course. 
  • Reading: 1 hour worth 25% of total course.
  • Writing: 1 hour 20 minutes worth 25% of total course. 


All of our tutors can prepare students for French IGCSE as well the standard qualification. IGCSEs were introduced 30 years ago by Cambridge Assessment International Education and were created for international students. Several independent schools, as well as state schools, now offer IGCSEs as an option.

The IGCSE course covers everyday activities; personal and social life; the world around us; the world of work; and the international world. 

Listening: 45 minutes worth 25% of total course.

Reading: 45 minutes worth 25% of total course. 

Speaking: 15 minute role play and presentation, worth 25% of total course.  

Writing: 1 hour, worth 25% of total course. 

GCSE French tutor – Now is the right time to get a tutor  

If you think your child would benefit from tailored academic support, where the pressure and distraction of schoolmates is removed, private tuition could be for you. GCSEs are an extremely important set of exams which will influence your child’s A Level choices and university application. 

Our tutors guide students through this exciting period of their academic careers, giving them the focused support they need to excel. Whether your child is keen to continue studying modern foreign languages or finds French a struggle, our tutors are here to maximise their potential.

If you would like to request a tutor or a free assessment please click here. 

Our Tutors

All of our experienced subject specialists tutors are passionately dedicated to supporting children’s learning. Supported by our in-house training and resources our tutors adopt their teaching to the individual learning style of each child. Our tutors restore confidence, boost intellectual curiosity and academic growth through exciting and stimulating tuition.

Whether your child requires support from an English Tutor and Maths Tutor, at 11+, GCSE or
any other curriculum subject our tutors help children boost academic performance and
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Katherine Maclennan

Katherine M.


Patient, approachable and reliable mathematics teacher. PGCE (IOE) 1st Class Honours Mathematics (Universiy of Durham).



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Chemistry professor with amazing teaching experience with universities and tutoring.



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Emily is a Math wizard and one of the best in the field.


Zavier tutor

Zavier M.


Zavier is one of the most sought-after History tutors.



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Simeon has a PhD in Biology. A very structured and organised tutor.



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Andrea is a one of a kind Physics teacher. Very passionate about her profession.



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An English graduate, inspiring and knowledgeable tutor.



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She is an amazing Design tutor that focuses on progress.