Top 10 Websites | Physics and Maths Exam Papers

With GCSEs and A Levels just around the corner, revision has never been more important. If your child needs some Maths motivation, or is still fearful of Physics, take a look at these websites, which are packed with high quality exam papers.

For more advice, check out our Top Ten Revision Tips and if you are looking for a Physics and Maths tutor click here.

1) Exam board websites

The official websites of exam boards are the most reliable sources of past papers and mark schemes. With archives spanning several years, the likes of AQA, OCR, Edexcel and IGCSE have lots of free past papers.  Our physics and maths tutors recommend seeking out the exam board websites for exam papers and other useful resources such as revision, and specimen exam papers.

Subject specifications and examiners’ reports are also available on these sites. Our Physics and Maths Tutors particularly advise you to read a couple of examiners’ reports, as they highlight mistakes candidates have made in the past, and could prevent your child making similar errors.

2) Physics and Maths Tutor 

Physics and Maths Tutor is a treasure trove. Well-designed and easy to navigate, the website is packed with papers for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and International A Level students.

Although the site focuses primarily on Maths and Physics, it covers a broad range of subjects, including humanities. It also offers free STEP papers (STEP is used by Cambridge University and Warwick University to assess Maths university applicants), Oxford Physics Aptitude Tests (PAT), Natural Sciences Admissions Assessments (NSAA) and Engineering Admissions Assessments (ENGAA). To top things off, you can also find revision notes, summary sheets and other worksheets on the site.  Physics and Maths tutor should certainly be the first exam paper website to check out.

3) OnMaths 

On Maths is solely devoted to GCSE Mathematics. Catering to students taking higher and foundation papers, the website compiles mini mocks and demon questions, as well as containing a host of standard past papers.

Another great feature is the site’s “predicted” section. This section contains mock question papers which anticipate what will come up in the real assessment. It’s obviously all above board — the creators of the website have no insider knowledge! — and a great way to help your child prepare for exam season. This site is not a one-stop shop like Physics and maths tutor but get a thumbs up from our maths tutors for the maths exam papers.

4) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an American Maths website so does not specifically align with the English exam system. It still has a lot to offer, however. With educational resources for 5 year-olds as well as for pre-university students, Khan Academy is a great place to find practice tests.

If your child is stuck on a particular area of Maths, the website also has excellent revision videos, topic-based quizzes, and interactive lessons.

5) Cyberphysics

Cyberphysics is a very retro website but don’t be put off! It contains a huge number of physics exam papers from Key Stage 3 all the way up to pre-university. It also has crosswords, powerpoint presentations, reading lists and useful links.

The site is run by an experienced teacher who has worked in selective English schools for almost a quarter of a century, so all the resources are reliable and of the highest quality.

6) Maths Made Easy

Although this website has got “maths” in its title, it also covers Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Designed to support children throughout their school careers, it has example SAT tests, GCSE exam papers and A Level mocks.

For older students, the website subdivides papers by exam board, so teenagers can look at different styles of question and stretch themselves to the full.

7) Save My Exams

Created by official examiners and expert Physics and Maths tutors, Save My Exams specialises in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, and is aimed at GCSE and A Level students. The website is thoughtfully arranged, with questions organised according to topic and difficulty.

Past papers and mark schemes are free to non-members, but you can buy a subscription to the site at a cost of £35 a year, and gain access to more worksheets and model answers.

8) MyMaths

MyMaths is different to the other websites on this list as schools sign up to it, rather than parents or students. However, if your child’s school is a member, this is a fantastic maths resource.

MyMaths is a fully interactive online learning site aimed at students of all ages and abilities right up to A-Level. Written by practising maths teachers, it is a great source of practice questions and of detailed explanations.

9) Revision Science 

Although this is not the most attractive of websites, it does its job very well. Revision Science — which is for GSCE and A Level students — has an extensive archive of past papers and mark schemes for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and covers all the main exam boards.

10) Maths Genie

On the surface, Maths Genie is much the same as Revision Science, with its long list of Maths exam papers and mark schemes. But this is a gem of a site as it also has worked-through, model solutions. These can be invaluable when a student is stuck on a question during exam leave and doesn’t have a teacher or a Maths and Physics tutor there to help them.

If you have found the exam papers website useful and are still looking for additional help you can find a Physics and Maths Tutor or other subject tutors here.