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Online tutoring

The online tutoring boom

Online tuition has seen a recent boom due to it being an incredibly effective learning solution for students of all ages. Students can learn online from highly experienced, specialist subject tutors wherever they are in the world. Online tutoring is a cost-effective, safe and convenient way for students to learn a vast variety of subjects and courses at every level. Online tutors offer lessons and courses that span a variety of options, including fulltime home schooling, exam preparation and extra learning outside of school and university support. An experienced, professional tutor can deliver even better lessons online with the benefits of modern technology. Enhancements in technology and the internet over the last few years have enabled high-quality one-to-one teaching for pupils at an affordable price. Through the online tutoring experience students also gain the added bonus of learning new and useful computer skills that can be utilised in their academic work.


The location of the tutor and the student are no longer limitations for tutorial sessions. Online tutoring makes it much easier for students to have access to the best, most proficient, subject experts all over the world and not just in the local area. Students who live in rural and remote areas now have access to fantastic online tutors to support their learning and confidence. With no travel, geography or time zone restrictions, finding the right tutor is much easier with online tuition. Learning online means that lessons can easily fit around a student’s current schedule and commitments.

Online Tutoring: Which age groups benefit most

Online tuition has proven to work well for students from the age of seven years old and up. For younger students there are state-of-the-art programs and resources in a range of subjects to support their online learning. For secondary students and adult learners, the lessons are much the same as the traditional one-to-one in person tutorials without the travel and the limitations of time and location. Pupils now have access to much more specialist tutors from further away. The older students can fit their tutorials in to their other commitments and see their tutor online when it fits in best for them, which could even be during a free period at school. Online tuition offers more flexibility and makes it easier to reschedule lessons as without any travel involved there are fewer scheduling obstacles and more time. With essays, coursework, exam papers and any other content shared or used during the online sessions, working online makes it easier to save work and recordings.

Online Tutoring Software and Technology:

This powerful learning experience is support by advanced online tutoring software and technology. There are many online platforms to make the tutoring sessions work well for both the pupil and tutor. From Google Docs to shared Skype screens, there is a plethora of online learning resources available. Bramble, Tutor Cruncher and BitPaper are some of the best online platforms out there with interactive whiteboards and the ability to record the sessions. 

Through modern technologies, including live video software and online whiteboards, the student can see and speak to their tutor and show them their work in real time. Online whiteboards provide a virtual classroom and an intuitive system allowing the tutor and pupil to build a great rapport, work well together and achieve their potential. Both the tutor and the pupil can write, draw, annotate and type on the shared whiteboard. Past papers, essays, worksheets and documents can also be shared through these teaching platforms.

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Being an Online Tutor

Without geography and travel restrictions, online tutors have access to a much wider range of students all over the world. With a broader selection of pupils and access to international students, online tutoring is a lucrative market for tutors. With the added bonus of being able to work from home, online tutoring offers tutors more flexible working hours.

New and progressive technology means tutoring sessions are even better online. The video recording device in the online classroom is one of the many useful tools online tutors can share with their students to support them better with their learning.