Fact Guide: Preparatory Schools in Hampstead

Looking for a prep school for your child? Here is what is on offer in Hampstead.

Girls and boys having a PE lesson

The Hall

The Hall is an independent preparatory day school for boys aged between 4 and 13. It is one of London’s top preparatory school and strives for academic excellence. On average, twenty to twenty five boys join St Paul’s and Westminster each year. The curriculum is broad and boys are encouraged to try out new things. Pottery, coding, fencing and debating are all up for the taking. The school values tolerance and seeks to instil progressive values in its students.

Website address: http://hallschool.co.uk

Head Teacher Chris Godwin
Address 69 Belsize Park, London,NW3 4EH
Fees per term Reception + Year 1 – £5,980
Year 2 and above (inclusive of lunch) – £6,162
Number on Roll 450
Entry point Parents required to register son before first birthday.
32 admitted in Reception.
22 boys admitted in Year 1.
No major intake after Year 1.
Destination of leavers St Paul’s
City of London
Merchant Taylors’
Faith None

St Mary’s School

St Mary’s School is an independent Catholic day school for boys and girls aged from 2 to 11. Its curriculum is packed with arts-related activities and sport, and there are many extra-curricular activities on offer. Although the school is non-selective, it achieves excellent results at 11+ level. About 70% of its students are Catholic and there is a strong focus on faith, with pupils attending mass and studying Christianity. Nevertheless, it has a warm, inclusive atmosphere.

Website address: http://www.stmh.co.uk

Head Teacher Harriet Connor-Earl
Address 47 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, London NW3 6PG
Fees per term Nursery £2660 (mornings only)
Reception to Year 6: £4915 (lunch: £236)
Number on Roll 300 (15 boys)
Entry point Children can join in any year.
Priority is given to Catholic families and
Register as early as possible.
Destination of leavers Channing
Francis Holland
South Hampstead School
St Michael’s Catholic Grammar
Queen’s College
Faith Catholic


Devonshire House Preparatory School

Devonshire House is an independent co-educational preparatory school. It caters for day boys aged 2-13 and day girls aged 2-11. It offers a varied, broad and interesting educational experience. There is a strong emphasis on Mathematics, English and PE and pupils are also encouraged to develop their public speaking skills. There are a range of extra-curricular activities to be enjoyed, including Mandarin.

Website address: http://devonshirehouseschool.co.uk

Head Teacher Stephanie Piper
Address 2 Arkwright Rd, London NW3 6AE
Fees per term Three and four-year-olds: £5490
Five-year-olds: £5955
Number on Roll 677
Entry point In nursery, pre-Reception and Reception,
children may be admitted at the start of
each term.
Scholarships are available for children
joining in Year 3.
Children are admitted in Years 4 and 5.
Girls are only admitted to Year 6 and
boys are only admitted to Year 8 in
exceptional circumstances
Destination of leavers City of London Girls
Belmont Mill Hill
City of London
Mill Hill
Merchant Taylors’
Faith None


Lyndhurst House Preparatory School

Lyndhurst House is a pre-preparatory and preparatory day school for boys aged 4 and 13. It has an excellent academic record and its students often excel at Common Entrance and scholarship level. The school aims to be lively and friendly and to encourage a sense of responsibility and self-confidence in its pupils.

Website address: http://www.lyndhursthouse.co.uk

Head Teacher A.J.C. Reid
Address 24 Lyndhurst Gardens, Hampstead London
Fees per term Reception and Preparatory: £5,575
Main School: £6,295
Meals and refreshments (all boys) £52
Number on Roll 165
Entry Point The main entry to the school is into
Reception in the September following a
boy’s fourth birthday.
There are a limited number of places
available at seven-plus.
Occasional vacancies may occur in other
year groups.
Destination of leavers Westminster
Mill Hill
St Paul’s
City of London
Faith None


St Christopher’s School

St Christopher’s is an independent day school for girls aged between 4 and 11. The school seeks to integrate creativity and art into all aspects of its curriculum. It places great emphasis on child-centred learning, and celebrates mutual trust, tolerance and friendship. The school also strives to support the wider community through charitable work.

Website address: http://www.st-christophers.hampstead.sch.uk

Head Teacher Emma Crawford-Nash
Address 32 Belsize Lane, Hampstead, London, NW3 5AE
Fees per term £4900 (including non-residential trips
and school lunches)
Number on Roll 236
Entry Point Children can join the school in any year.
Destination of leavers Channing
Francis Holland
St Paul’s Girls
Godolphin and Latymer
Faith None


Hereward House School

Hereward House is an independent preparatory school for boys aged four to thirteen. The school claims not be an exam factory. Although it has high academic standards, it seeks to prepare boys ‘not just for senior school, but for life’. Team games are an important part of school life, and traditional educational approaches are combined with modern techniques.

Website address: http://www.herewardhouse.co.uk

Head Teacher Pascal Evans
Address 14 Strathray Gardens, London NW3 4NY
Fees per term Forms: Transition 1,2 and 3: £5,205
Forms: 4-CE1: £5,355
Number on Roll 176
Entry point The main point of entry is into the Transition year. The transition class starts in the September following a boy’s
fourth birthday. Occasional places may arise in other years. Parens should contact the office to enquire.
Destination of leavers St Paul’s
City of London School
Mill Hill School
Merchant Taylors’ School
Winchester College
Dulwich College
Stamford School
Faith None


Heathside Preparatory School

Heathside is an independent coeducational school for day and boarding pupils aged between 2 and 14. It is a few minutes walk from Hampstead Heath, where the students play every lunchtime. The school combines a relaxed, informal atmosphere with high academic standards. It has an exceptional array of extracurricular activities. For example, it has been the English Primary Schools Chess Association’s Champion more than once and has a thriving drama programme.

Website address: https://heathsideprep.co.uk

Head Teacher Melissa Remus Elliot
Address 16 New End, Hampstead, London NW3 1JA
Fees per term Between £3200 and £4250
Number on Roll 532
Children can join at the start of any year. Siblings of Heathside students are given priority.
Destination of leavers Channing
Francis Holland
Haberdashers’ Boys
Haberdashers’ Girls
Merchant Taylors’
Faith None


St. Anthony’s School

St Anthony’s is an independent Catholic preparatory school for boys aged between 4 and 13. It is close to the heart of Hampstead Village and offers a broad and balanced curriculum. At 10, all students study Latin and have the chance to study ancient Greek and Arabic as well. The school has its own swimming pool, offers masses of drama, music and art and has a friendly atmosphere. David Suchet and Antony Gormley feature among its alumni.

Website address: http://www.stanthonysprep.org.uk

Head Teacher Paul Keyte
Address 1 Arkwright Road, London, NW3 6AA
Fees per term Junior House: £6,335
Senior House:
Number on Roll 532
Main entry year is Reception, for boys 4 going
on 5.
Occasional places may become available in
other years.
Destination of leavers City of London School
Mill Hill
Brighton College
Faith Catholic


Northbridge House Preparatory School

Northbridge House is an independent, coeducational preparatory school for children aged 7 to 13. The school aims to nurture each child’s own strengths and achievements and is very high achieving. Students have achieved numerous scholarships to top London Senior Schools.

Website address: https://www.northbridgehouse.com/prep-school-regents-park/

Head Teacher Brodie Bibby
Address 1 Gloucester Avenue,
Fees per term £6,065
Number on Roll 289
Main entry year is into Year 3 although
occasional places may come up in other years.
Destination of leavers Channing
Queen’s College
Highgate School
Francis Holland School
City of London School.
Faith None