"About 3 months before the UCS, Highgate and Mill Hill 13+ exams we were in a quandary about getting the right tutors to prepare our son for the entrance exams.  Hampstead & Frognal Tutors were professional and obviously had the right experience with the levels required for these schools.  Both tutors for English and Maths were Executive tutors and demonstrated a high degree of experience.  My son benefited greatly from the expert input, and was successful in receiving offers from all 3 schools.  Highgate had only 6 places and this was our first choice.  We were very pleased with the service and continue to use the company for tutors to support our other children."  

Shirin, St. John's Wood, NW8 November 2015 

"Our son Matthew started to prepare for the 11+ in year 5 and following advice from Hampstead & Frognal Tutors we also applied to other top independent schools including Eton 13+. Having just moved to London we found the advice particularly useful as we were unfamiliar with the independent schools. Eton have offered a conditional place. He decided to sit for Habs and Highgate anyway. Matthew was also offered places at Highgate and Habs (Scholarship), and he will be going to Eton in 2016.  Thank you so much for recommending such dediacted English and Maths tutors."

Lucinda, Highgate, N6 April 2015

"We wanted a tutor for the 10+ and a friend recommended your company having helped other students prepare for the City 10+ exams. Your tutor Rupert was very professional, reliable and was able to teach our son Harry English, maths and reasoning. Harry was initially nervous about taking the exams but Rupert was able to put our son at ease and raise his confidence with lots of drilling and practice of papers. The tutor provided excellent recommendations of other resources that we were able to use at home with our son. Thank you so much for assigning us such a capable tutor. Our son will be attending City of London Boys, year 6 from this September."

Henrietta, Highbury & Islington, N5 February 2015

"We were not intending to hire a tutor for our daughter to prepare for the 7+ but realised that we had neither the time or the experience necessary to help our daughter achieve the required level for some of the schools we were applying for. After trying a couple of tutors we found Katie a specialist tutor through H&F Tutors. The tutor was well experienced and knew exactly how to engage with and raise our daughters confidence in literacy and numeracy. Despite being told that there were limited places available at some of the schools we applied to our daughter was successful at gaining a place to NLCS to start next September 2015.  We hope to use your services again for our younger son in the future."  

Anita, St. John's Wood, NW8 March 2015

"We chose HFTutors on recommendation from a friend.  After speaking with Mark Taylor I had confidence that they would be able to get me the right tutor.  They did just that.  My daughter  is preparing for the City of London Girls 7+ assessment and we were assigned a highly experienced teacher, Katherine.  After passing the first round assessment Katherine continues to work with my daughter and we are so pleased we went to a local professional company that can be relied upon."  

Rachel, NW8 November 2014

"Thank you so much for your expertise and help in preparing our boy for the 13+ pretests at UCS and Highgate.  Your tutors were extremely knowledgable and didn't just teach to the test but helped develop understanding.  I think that's what really helped my son raise his game.  With an offer from UCS and an offer from Highgate (only 8 places available this year!) we are trully grateful." 

Lucy, NW3 November 2014

"Very please with your tutors.  For our older boy who was prepared for Eton, St Paul's and Westminster in maths you provided the right diet of instruction to push my boy up to a high academic level.  He achieved the top grade in his school for the Eton results.  My younger boy now has Julie for helping him with English and writing.  Your tutors are professional, organised and enthusiastic which I like and more importantly my sons appreciate and look forward to lessons every week."  Elizabeth, NW2 February 2014

"Just wanted to let you know that George now has offers from both UCS and Highgate for 13+! Very pleased.  He worked hard this summer and fall, but we could not have done it without Marie.  She was fantastic, so organised, on point, on task and friendly."   Catherine, Frognal, NW3 November 2013

"We had a tutor let us down just before my daughter Alice was taking an Economics module last January. We contacted Hampstead & Frognal Tutors who at the time had no Economics tutors with availability but they informed me that as soon as one becomes available they could let us know. Fortunately, they hired a new Economics tutor, William who had exerience of Economics A-level tuition. He was highly organised and had an encylopedic knowledge of Economics. Alice got an A in Economics which was a requirement for her to go to her first choice university, Bristol. We have two other children and will most certainly be returning customers." Amber, West Hampstead September 2013

"It was very last minute hiring a tutor for my daughter's History GCSE last April. She was struggling to keep up at school and was falling behind with the syllabus. Her prediction was B, or possibly A at best but she needed an A to carry on with History post GCSE. Her tutor Katy was outstanding with lots of experience. After an intensive block of lessons my daughter improved in her essay's dramataically. We were over the moon when the results came out and she achieved an A*. I will certainly recommend your company. Thank you."  Jon, Edgware Road  September 2013

"We hired a number of tutors for our two boys who sat the entrance exams for Harrow.  The tuition delivered for both the maths and the History was absolutely outstanding.  We received the common entrance exam results yesterday for our older boy and are thrilled that his marks were: 6A's in Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Maths (level 3, the highest level),  2B's in English and Latin,and C in RS.  We shall be using Hampstead & Frognal Tutors again from next September for our younger boy who will also be preparing for Harrow."  Sarah, Holborn June 2013

"After trying 3 tutors and being disapponted with the poor instruction I decided to try a Hampstead and Frognal Tutor to prepare my daughter for the 11+.  We began with a lovely mathematics tutor Edward who put my daughter at ease from the outset.  Edward advised us on which maths text books to purchase and over the year Sarah grew in confidence, passed the Sylvia Young entrance exam, and was offered a place starting in 2013. " Harriet, Kensal Rise February 2013

"We wanted an English tutor for our son Paul who was attending a local state primary to prepare for the City of London Boys’ 10+ exam. The company assigned Oscar to help our son with the creative writing and comprehension and he was absolutely delightful. Paul looked forward to each of the lessons and his English improved no end. The results from the exam placed Paul in the top 10%. Paul has been at the school for nearly half a year now and is really enjoying it." Claire, Hampstead February 2013

"Our son Andrew received a scholarship for Highgate 13+ and an offer from UCS 13plus.  Last year we approached Hampstead & Frognal tutors for advice and tuition to prepare for UCS, Highgate, and City of London Boys 13+ entry (Our son attended a state primary that provided no prep and had little experience of the 11+ which meant that we didn't have the best choice at 11+).  We had excellent tuition from Luke for the mathematics, and helpful coaching for the creative writing aspect of the English exam from Catherine.  Andrew actually really enjoyed the tuition from the tutors and his attainment level was pushed to new highs.  As a result Andrew was offered a scholarship for Highgate and a place at UCS.  We were very pleased with the standard of tuition and hired a French tutor as Andrew's primary school had not offered languages."  Katie, Primrose Hill February 2013

"Just a little note to say thank you, Arisha got a place at the Perse school in Cambridge which was our preferred choice. Margaret was a brilliant teacher. She took keen interest in helping Arisha to get a place in one of the top schools in the country. She was simply fantastic. Please convey our thanks to her. Arisha believes she was the best teacher she ever met." Muhammad, East London February 2013

"We wanted a tutor not only to help my daughter develop her numeracy and literacy but also someone to guide us through the admission process and prepare for what can be expected at the assessment – Fortunately with the support from our tutor we got through to the second round and were offered a place to start year 3 at South Hampstead High School from the following September." Mary, Belsize Park January 2013

"My daughter Sophie started having tutors just a few months before the entrance examinations for 11+. She was struggling in maths and English since her mother tongue is French. Sophie had separate tutors for both English and Maths, and made rapid progress with huge improvement from week to week. Sophie sat exams for state selective schools and a couple of good private schools in North London. We were very fortunate to learn that she received offers from all of the schools she sat exams for. She accepted her first choice, Henrietta Barnett, and is very happy there now. Sophie was the only student in her school to be offered a place at HB, and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for our Hampstead and Frognal Tutors Sophie wouldn't be where she is now." Amellie, Golders Green September 2011

"Just wanted to let you know George got a B in his AS maths after being predicted a D. Just to think he wasn’t coping at the beginning of year 12, but with his tutor and some thorough exam preparation he regained his love of maths again, and is continuing with maths in year 13. Thank you for all your hard work with him. I have another son studying math GCSE next year so I’ll be booking him in!" Annette, South Hampstead October 2011

"Philip was offered a conditional place at Highgate after taking the 13+. We are very happy with the success given the limited number of places. Philip was struggling in some of the maths and was happy at the end of the tutor sessions knowing that he could finally understand the tricky areas like ratios, and problem solving. Thanks to you and to your tutor, Laurence. Please pass this on to him with our thanks". Mark, Belsize Park November 2011

*The names of the parents and children have been changed in line with our client confidentiality policy.

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