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Hampstead & Frognal Tutors news

Hampstead & Frognal Scholarships have launched.  They are offering parents who cannot afford private tuition the opportunity to apply for 10 lessons to support their child's maths and English.  The scholarships are offered to  children in year 5 and below in the borough of Camden who would benefit signifcantly from the one-to-one coaching and who wish to prepare for selective, grammar and independent school places in year 7.  Contact your child's headteacher to express your interest in this unique opportunity.

posted by Mark@11:24 Friday April 26 2013


Each year Hampstead & Frognal Tutors makes a donation to worthy causes and charities throughout the world. This April one of our very own tutors Oliver, is running the Virgin London Marathon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. In between teaching students for the 11+, GCSEs and A-levels Oliver is training for the 26 mile run around the capital. Oliver says that he "ran the Paris Half-Marathon in 2009, and I have been looking for new and exciting ways to challenge myself, as I believe that life is much more fun and fulfilling when you’re pushing yourself to do something that you never thought possible." A great inspiration for his students.

Oliver chose to raise money for Macmillan because his mother is one of the two million people living with or beyond cancer in the UK. Her experience changed her life to the extent that she now spends an incredible amount of time and effort working for Macmillan so that they can provide support for the millions of others like her. As a result, Oliver's family have developed a rather special bond with the charity and so do everything they can to help out.

Further information and donations for Macmillan Cancer Support can be found at http://mylondonmarathon.wordpress.com/

posted by Mark@16:09 Tuesday Feb28 2012

Education news

Tuition with a Hampstead & Frognal tutor would ensure children know their times tables by the age of 9 at the latest. In some cases our students know their tables by as young as 6 or 7. Hampstead & Frognal tutors would certainly endorse this raising of standards in primary schools since the entrance exams and 11+ common entrance tests require more knowledge than merely knowing the times tables.
Children must learn their times tables by the age of nine

posted by Mark@15:46 Sunday Dec18 2011

Cambridge knocks Harvard off top spot

posted by Holly@23:30 Sunday Nov22 2010

In maths, 58,700 children had fallen behind after two years of compulsory education...
Evening Standard: seven year olds struggling with basic maths and can't read

posted by Harry@15:39 Friday,Aug27 2010

Advanced version of qualification (A-level Mathematics) shows biggest increase of any subject...
TES: Maths on the march as entries at A-level hit an 'all-time high'

posted by Holly@ 11:49 Tuesday,Aug24 2010

Contact us to find out how we achieve A* in Mathematics A-level
Guardian: A-level results: Public schools expected to take lion's share of new A* grades

posted by Pat@ 15:03 Sunday, Aug 15 2010

Private Tuition Debate on BBC R4: a summary "...research proves quite conclusively that private tuition provides the best way of boosting a child’s results."

posted by Brian@08:44 Wednesday,Sept 15 2010

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